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Door Lock


The lock is suitable for homes, buildings, hotels, offices and other occasions. it with good technical performance and safety and reliability, long time, close d no noise, environmental protection, energy saving, easy to use and so on. What’s more , add swipe card, fingerprint, remote control entry and other functions are available.



Spring bolt length>20mm,meet GA/T73-94 5.1 6B standard.

Compatible with access control,building intercom system etc.

After open the door,If turn off spring bolt by manual,it will turn back automatically.

This lock suitalbe right door,left door,in-swing door,out-swing door etc.

If the door is not be opened after unlocked,the lock will restore to lock status with 5~8S.

Input Voltage:DC12V~18V;Unlock Current:<350mA,Static:25mA;Unlocking Time<1S.

Long lift service time,unlock/lock sensitivity,low power consumption.